Common Solutions for Treating Termite Infestations

As with most issues, the best way of dealing with a potential termite infestation is to treat the problem as soon as it comes up. Homeowners who notice swarms of termites or signs of damage should call a Pest Control company as soon as possible. Below are a few techniques used by these companies to exterminate termite colonies and ensure that the destructive insects do not return.

Chemical Treatments

In most cases, pesticides used in termite control must be applied by a trained specialist. While rat exterminator are EPA regulated to ensure that they do not pose unreasonable risks to the environment or to the health of a home’s residents, ensuring safe use requires adequate training in the application of liquid soil applied termiticides, termite baits, wood treatments, and the use of termiticide-impregnated building materials.

pest control services -Chemical Treatments

Because they do not use insecticides, non-chemical termite treatments are not regulated by the EPA. There are three main categories of non-chemical treatment: physical barriers, steel mesh or sand, and fungus treatments. While homeowners are legally allowed to apply these solutions on their own, most still choose to call a pest control company in order to address the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Barrier Treatments

The most commonly used technique used by professionals for addressing termite infestations is conventional soil-applied chemical barrier treatment. The pesticides used in this type of treatment are designed specifically for soil application, but if they are not applied properly they can still contaminate the surrounding area, including any drinking water wells.

Termite Baits

There are several bait systems commonly in use that can help reduce the need for insecticides in controlling termites. These baits are cellulose-based and contain slow-acting insecticides that can disrupt termite growth and activity. Some of them are also effective against other insects, such as fleas, ants, cockroaches, and crickets.

Wood Treatment

Protective wood treatments must be applied during initial home construction in order to e effective. They are usually boron-based and are applied directly to the wood via spray application.

Ask the Right Questions

When choosing a company to get rid of termites, be sure to ask about licensing and what type of insecticides the contractors will use. While any pesticides used to treat termite infestations are approved by the EPA, some of them can pose serious health risks if they are not applied correctly. Be sure to inquire as to how long residents must wait before they can return to the home as well.

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